Writing & Research Service

Author Karen Jean Matsko Hood Writing and Research Service helping with Strategies for business marketing, consulting, website communications, self-publishing, multi-media promotion and event planning

Marketing your business or personal brand name is more important than ever in today’s competitive economy. Creative Marketing and Consulting understands the challenges and the dedication it takes to manifest your dreams into measured results.

Our team of experienced marketing consultants, writers, editors, and graphic designers are here to help local and regional business groups accomplish specific goals. We offer proven strategies to develop your project to its fullest, within a timeline that compliments your schedule and a budget that’s affordable. Successfully marketing your business or brand is an astounding achievement. Creative Marketing and Consulting wants to assist your company with gaining the recognition and credible reputation that it deserves. We make it simple for you to customize a marketing plan to meet your specific needs, whether you are promoting an organization or an important event. We are creative, resourceful, and efficient, with an emphasis on excellence. Our job is to help you get noticed!

Creative Marketing and Consulting is committed to helping you improve the quality of your business by crafting an image that best represents your purpose. Let us help you target the market you want to reach. Separate yourself from your competitors. Gain the visibility that increases your company’s credibility and cash flow.

Creative Marketing and Consulting… growing business local to global.

Services Include
Book Design
Business Consulting
Catalog Marketing
Direct Marketing
Logo Development
Market Research & Development
Media Relations
Project Management
Public Relations
Resume Writing
Web Communications