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Author Karen Jean Matsko Hood’s Poetry for Children Webpage!

This webpage lists all the children’s poetry books written by Karen Jean Matsko Hood.

Karen Hood has developed a style of children’s poetry that is written in unique rhythmical and musical verse. Some of her children’s poetry tackles big social injustices written in a way that children can understand. Other poetry is meant to entertain children and make them laugh.

Hood is working on a children’s poetry book that is meant to engage even the most skeptical child. Stinky Feet is a book of poems directed toward boys and even some girls who think things like stinky feet and loud belches are funny. Hood’s writing in this vein is meant to rekindle the flame of interest in poetry. If children love poetry when they are young, they are most likely to continue to enjoy the style when they become adults. Hood is working to revive the interest in poetry as an art form.

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Here is the list of current and future children’s poetry books written by Karen Jean Matsko Hood:

Geysers, Geysers, How I Love Those Gushing Geysers!
Haiku for Children
Poetry in Shapes for Children
Seashells, Seashells, How I Love the Sand and Seashells!
Snowflakes, Snowflakes, How I Love the Snow the Sky Makes!
Stinky Feet and Other Unpleasant Items
There’s a Toad in the Hole...A Big Fat Toad in the Hole
Under the Lilacs

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