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Artistic and Talented Illustrator Karen Jean Matsko Hood

Artistic and Talented Illustrator Karen Jean Matsko Hood began her artistry as a novice, but has now developed a style all her own. Her art exhibits a unique fashion as well as a visual style that is filled with both empathy and purpose. She is a meticulous craftsman and combines her work with compassion. Hood has always loved children and is devoted to their needs. It is only natural that she would channel her efforts to include children’s art.

Illustration began late in life for this children’s author. As she continued to write more and more children’s books, she decided to try her hand at illustrating children’s books. Hood has experimented with different art techniques using pastels, acrylics, and watercolors; all in a method that delights and captures the interest of children.

Hood draws from personal and spiritual themes. She also reminds us of the importance of our links with nature and the environment in our daily lives. Hood is passionate both as a feminist and as an active children’s rights advocate. She also works to encourage literacy for all ages. Her art carries the urgency and outrage of current social injustice and inequality. The recurring theme in Hood’s work is to provide a voice for those whose struggles cannot be heard.

Karen Jean Matsko Hood always had an interest in children, nature, and the outdoors. As she began writing for children, she became interested in photography. She is currently in the process of preparing some of her photographs for book illustrations and greeting cards. We welcome you back to this page to view her photographs as they become available. You will also see some of her illustrations in her upcoming children’s books and greeting cards.

Do check back for more information on her illustrations, photographs, and original art work.

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