Author and Passionate Spokesperson Karen Jean Matsko Hood as a Researcher, Child Advocate Speaks out for the Children

Research on Child Advocacy

Welcome to Karen Jean Matsko Hood’s webpage on research for child advocacy. Karen has been involved with children in all facets of her life. She is a mother, foster mother, and adoptive mother of 16 children. Karen Jean Matsko Hood is also a Guardian Ad Litem for the Spokane, Washington court system and a Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) volunteer. Karen has been a teacher and substitute teacher for various school districts and this has given her much experience with children.

Karen Jean Matsko Hood has written a number of books in the Fun with Foster Kids series from her experience as a foster mom, having learned and researched the needs of foster children. She has also written educational curriculum to teach others what she has learned. Karen Jean Matsko Hood’s research has taught her that children need an outlet for their feelings and from that came Girls Can Do: A Daily Journal. She has also created scrapbooks for foster children and adopted children to celebrate their Birth Day. It is fundamental for children to have a sense of where they came from to have the strength and courage to hope for what they can become.

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