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Karen Jean Matsko Hood’s writing talent extends to children’s fiction novels. Fiction-writing is a natural affinity for Hood. Her mind is constantly brimming with fresh ideas to improve her fiction novels. Her characters are memorable, and she writes about places that are close to home in the Pacific Northwest. She has mastered the art of transporting her readers into another world and giving them a new perspective through the eyes of her main characters.

She enjoys writing Children's Fiction books like "Lost Medal" and the "Scary Mary Series.” Writing these books and illustrating other children fiction books like "Goodnight, I wish you Goodnight" give Karen great joy and satiation to see her readers enjoy and relish her unique imaginative books.

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Here is the list of current and future children’s and young adult’s fiction books written by Karen Jean Matsko Hood:

Children’s Books

Goodnight, I Wish You Goodnight

Young Adult Books

Lost Medal

Come and experience this summer of changes with the loveable Stedman girls. Serious older sister Nichole must come to terms with her bitterness against her absentee father who has been gone for over a year as well as find a way to help her over-worked mother Debbie survive the struggle of raising two girls by herself. Fun-loving and less careful younger sister Rebecca often unintentionally finds herself in a bind when her sister isn’t around to look out for her. Although very different, Nichole and Rebecca find common ground through their shared love of riding their regal Icelandic horses Lysa and Tina. They also bond through their desire to help their mother, and they think of creative ideas to help her with a difficult project at her job with an architecture and design firm.

Finally, things seem to be looking up for the struggling Stedman family. Nichole wins a medal in the horseback riding competition at the State Fair, but it is wrenched from her hands by a stickler judge who claims that Nichole’s medal was won fraudulently.

To top it all off, Nichole and Rebecca’s father, Allan, makes reappearance in their lives after a year of silence. What does he really want, and can Debbie and the girls ever forgive him? Find out in this unforgettable novel about the joys and struggles of growing up by budding novelist Karen Jean Matsko Hood.

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Lost Medal, Catholic Edition
Lost Medal, Christian Edition
Scary Mary Series – Enchanted Forest

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