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Karen Jean Matsko Hood’s writing talent extends to adult fiction novels. Fiction-writing is a natural affinity for Hood. Her mind is constantly brimming with fresh ideas to improve her fiction novels. Her characters are memorable, and she writes about places that are close to home in the Pacific Northwest. She has mastered the art of transporting her readers into another world and giving them a new perspective through the eyes of her main characters.

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Here is the list of current and future adult fiction books written by Karen Jean Matsko Hood:

Fearless Cowboys

Old World New

Inspirational Women’s
Iowa Voices
Unspoken Voice

Legal Fiction
Juvenile Court

Lake Okobobji
Sister’s Homecoming

Banacek Mystery Series
Coeur D’Alene Blue
Many Glacier
Spokane Falls

Bernadette’s Bakery Series
A New Endeavor
The Opening

Justin Boone Series
Fire and Ice
Tsunami Tides

Rachel Harrington Series
Coastal Waters

Psychological Thriller
The Painter

Azure Resort

Short Stories
Old Lady in the Snow: A Collection of Short Stories
A Collection of Spiritual Stories

Promised Land

Romantic Suspense

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